Launching Musical Guest / by Alberto Chapa

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of Musical Guest and, my latest venture in the world of audio production. This site is meant to showcase my work as a producer, Ableton Certified Trainer, and audio branding consultant; and is dedicated to offering solutions to the most common problems in an ever-changing industry.

You're invited to come along for the ride as I find the voice for, and discover the true potential of this exciting undertaking. will feature updates, insights, and media related to my work and collaborations. 

If you are an artist or institution that could benefit from Ableton Live training, production coaching, live performance design, playback support, or audio branding; get in touch to find out how Musical Guest can help you reach your creative goals.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this point, and I look forward to collaborating with you on your next project.

Stay tuned for great things to come!

“The thing that transforms something from being an idea to being a physical reality is work. You can have outlandish ideas, but if you don’t work at them, they just remain outlandish ideas. Anyone can have an idea. Work is transformative.”
— D. Longstreth